What is Geometric Design of Highways? Objectives and Design Elements

Geometric design of highway involves the design of visible dimensions of the roadway. In this method, the important elements of the road that is directly connected to the users of the highway are designed. 

Every highway is designed to make the ride convenient and to reach the destination in the shortest possible time period. Every designer primarily focuses to design a road that caters maximum possible speed and most effective safety measures. 

Hence, the three main factors that control the design features of a highway are speed, safety and comfort. 

What is Geometric Design of Highways?

Note: In the geometric design of highways, the structural elements of the roads say the thickness of the pavement, bases and the stability of foundations. 

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Objectives of Geometric Design of Highways 

1. The important design considerations while performing the design of highways are: 

2. The design of the highway should be safe and efficient during day and night time or during good or bad weather. 

3. The design should work for fluctuating traffic volume on daily basis, and for future anticipated traffic. 

4. The geometric design of the road should conform to the design speed, the characteristics of the vehicle and the drivers using the road. 

5. The future traffic, vehicle and drivers are considered during geometric design of roads. 

6. The conditions under which the vehicle is expected to move like terrain, etc are considered by the designer. 

7. The design must give a pleasing and attractive view to the road. 

8. The design must be complete, with signals, traffic signals, roadside treatment etc. 

9. The design is made simple for the ease of construction and user’s point of view. Do not provide too many cross-sections or different surfaces for roads. 

10. The maintenance cost must be minimum as possible.

What are the Elements of Geometric Design of Highways?

The geometric design of a highway is performed by considering the following elements:

  1. Weights and Dimensions of Road Vehicles Read More>>
  2. Terrain Classification and the design of speed
  3. Design of Cross-section of road
  4. Super-elevation
  5. Curves-Horizontal
  6. Sight Distances
  7. Gradients Curves Vertical

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