General Contractor Responsibilities and Qualifications

A general contractor is an individual or a company who takes complete control of a construction projects. They can undertake both commercial and residential projects. A general contractor is a construction manager who is employed by a client upon the advice of the project’s engineer or architect in charge.

A general contractor is also mentioned as the main or the prime contractor who is responsible for complete day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of the vendors, traders, and main communication will all the parties involved in process of a building project.

Need for a General Contractor

As the responsibility of a general contractor is to take complete control of a construction project, he is someone who can be trusted by a client who do not have any plan to make tasks on his own regarding his project. A general contractor can assess the project plan from the start and conveys and performs all work activities.

Responsibilities of a General Contractor

The responsibilities of a general contractor vary from one project to another project. Here, we will mention the general responsibilities involved in the general contracting performed by a general contractor.

1. 1. Procurement and supply of building materials and construction materials for the project.
2.   Supply labor required for the project.
3.   Provide equipment like tools and engineering vehicles
4.   Hiring subcontractors for specific parts of the project when the project involves specific technical works.
5.   Other services necessary for the construction project
6.   Oversee and monitor the quality and the timeliness of all the project activities
7.   Monitoring the schedules, payments and the money flow.
8.   Recording all activities, issues, problem faced throughout the course of the project
9.   Ensuring safety practices all throughout the construction activities.

How to Become a General Contractor?

The main requirement to become a general contractor is to attain required qualifications for the intended job.

1. Educational Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree with apprenticeship is an advantage

2. Field of Study: Engineering, Construction Management or Construction Science.

3. Key Skills of a General Contractor: Leadership and communication skills, problem-solving, time management and interpersonal skills.

4. License or Certification Requirement: License is acquired as per the state requirement.

5. Average Annual Salary As per 2019: $90,794 in United States

Once the required qualifications are achieved by the individual, the steps involved in becoming a general contractor are:

  • 1.   Achieve required educational qualification
  • 2.   Achieve adequate work experience and practical knowledge
  • 3.   Obtain General Contractor Certification
  • 4.   Obtaining a License as per the State guidelines


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