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What are Recirculating Hot Water Systems?

Recirculating hot water systems are hot water systems that gives hot water as per the consumer needs as soon as the tap is opened. This hence the need to avoid draining of cold water until you receive hot water. This system is considered one of the important option of water-saving plumbing fixture.

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Hot water recirculating system comes in different options. Understanding the basic features of each system will give a quick idea on what system to choose for your home.

Types of Hot Water Recirculating System

The main classification of Hot water recirculating system are:
  1. Traditional Hot Water Recirculating System
  2. Instant Hot Water Recirculating System
  3. On-Demand Hot Water Recirculating Systems

1. Traditional Hot Water Recirculating System

  • The system consist of a return line for hot water pipes.
  • The loop arrangement keep hot water reserve such that when needed, the hot water is right there.

3. Instant Hot Water Recirculating System

  • It does not require a hot water return line
  • It can be over-the-water-heater or under-the -sink.

3. On-Demand Hot Water Recirculating System

  • This system will require the user to activate the pump when he needs hot water. 
  • But provides the water instantly.
  • The system can be arranged with a pump at the water heater with a return line or there can be an under-the-skin pump which is installed in the farthest sink such that it provides hotwater throughout the house.
  • This consist of a loop, in which cooled water is pumped into hot water pipes, then back to cold water pipes and push to water heater. This creates a temporary loop that it does not allow the cooled water to drain. Instead it is saved in loop and sent back to water heater for heating.
  • When the hot water arriving through the pipe have reached the desired temperature, the pump shuts off and it stop pushing the water from the hot line into the cold side. 


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