6 Most Expensive Woods For Furniture

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1. Black Wood or Ebony

  • Have a black color with various natural shades
  • Used for expensive furniture, colored flooring and inlays
  • Limited and slow growth tree with beautiful texture
  • Very heavy enough for processing
  • High demand and very rare
Ebony Wood Floors

2. Iron Wood or Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae

  • Extremely rare tree
  • High hardness, strength and density
  • Used for art product and decorative wood
  • Expensive due to strength and density

3. Purple Heart, Amaranth

  • Unique purple colored wood
  • When cut its gray-brown which changes to purple when exposed to air
  • Color changes is minimized by protected by UV protection  
Purple Heart Wood Floors

4. Dalbergia

 A species of genus wood, like rosewood


5. Bubinga Wood

  • Fiber growth direction give beautiful texture
  • Used for elite furniture, decorative veneer, lining the rooms

6.  Bocote, Cordia

  • Unusual beautiful texture with brown-black stains in the general background, which range from greenish yellow to golden brown, with beautiful dark stripes
  • Very aromatic and most expensive
  • Heavy, solid, stable
  • Used for the decoration of expensive furniture.
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