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Difference Between Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary Marble

 Calacatta, statuario and carrara are the three most precious varieties of marbles found in Italy. These three may look the same for an untrained eye, as a white marble. But the three possess slight differences that are very important to be considered while choosing the right one for the project.

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Difference Between Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary Marble
Difference Between Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary Marble

There is a vast mountain range in the Carrara region in Italy, with each quarry producing a variety of white marbles such as: Bianco Carrara, Goiai, Venatino, Statuario and Calacatta marble. All of these materials are white marble with more or less the same geological formation.”




Greyish-white colour with large, fine and feathery veining in a linear manner.

More white in color with brown and gold undertones, with dramatic veining which is thick and predominant

Have distinctive veining with color varying from gold to grey.

Considered as an option when calacatta and statuario are expensive.

Considered major white marble with pristine quality and stunning aesthetic

Considered as most luxury and elegance radiating prestigious marble.

Used mainly for sculpture and building d├ęcor like in temple, church etc

Calacatta marble slab for your tub, bathroom walls, and vanity tops. Overall, this stone best replaces the need for carvings while achieving a contemporary look.

Ideal for indoor applications like reception counters, kitchen countertops, floor and bathroom tiles for five start hotels and prestigious residential premises.

Readily available

Harder to find than carrara marbles

Very difficult to find and have limited availability

£215.00 – £340.00 per square meter

£270 to £600 per square meter

€650 – €1900 per square meter

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