Solar Roof Tiles/ Solar Roof Shingles

Solar roof tiles are small modules of solar panels that unlike conventional solar panel act as both panels and roof elements. Solar roof tiles are opted when we wish the roof to look as natural as possible. Solar roof tiles can be attached to the existing shingles or can substitute the roof elements. 

Solar Roof Shingles
Solar Roof Shingles

Solar roof tiles can be made either using thin film of photovoltaic cells or classic monocrystalline solar cells. Solar tile are similar to solar shingles but they vary based on the roofing material. Solar shingles are designed to look like asphalt shingles, while solar tiles looks like conventional roofing tiles.

Solar Roof Tiles

Advantages of Solar Roof Tiles

The main advantages of solar roof tiles are:

  1. Solar roof tiles removes the problem of covering the roof with huge solar panels , finally giving a aesthetically pleasing option.
  2. Save electricity by saving 40 to 70% and providing free energy. Excess energy is received as feed in tariff in United Kingdom, India etc.
  3. Solar roof panels increase the value of property.
  4. Solar roof tiles have more durability  compared to solar panels, as panels are more prone to damage when subjected to hurricane force and extreme weather conditions.
  5. Solar roof tiles are best option for new buildings as they reduce wastage of roof space and maximize solar efficiency.
  6. Solar roof tiles are installed easily and quickly on new buildings.
  7. Solar roof tiles or shingles do not require a mounting system. They are installed directly to the roof deck.

Disadvantages of Solar Roof Tiles

  1. The installation of solar roof shingles are more expensive compared to traditional solar panels. This increases when the project is to replace an existing roof.
  2. Not suitable for all roof alignment i.e. with proper pitch and angle.
  3. Higher initial purchasing cost.

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