Top Construction Projects to Watch in 2022 - The United States

With each new year, new and brilliant construction projects are planned that not only help the economic development of the country but also improve market and job opportunities.

Let's discuss the top projects to watch in this year in the United States, with detailed features and construction detail.

1. Samsung Chip Factory, Austin, Texas [ Cost: $17 billion ]

Samsung is planning to build a $17 million semiconductor fabrication facility in Taylor, Texas. The company plans to start the project in 2022 and intends to start operations within 2024. The lead contractor of the project is not declared.

2. California High-Speed Rail, Central Valley Phase [Cost $13.1 billion]

The United States first long-distance high-speed rail line is on its way in California. The California high-speed rail project currently compose 35 active construction site across 119-mile stretch of the central valley.

3. Amazon HQ2, Arlington/Crystal City, Virginia [Cost: > $2.5 billion]

The first phase of new Amazon HQ2 office space is located at the National Landing, which started in Jan 2020 and is planned to finish by 2023. The project is contracted by Clark Construction.

4. Buffalo Bills Stadium, New York [ < $2.1 Billion ]

The Buffalo Bills’ proposed new $1.4 billion stadium would include about 60,000 seats and 60 suites as per AP news. The Bill's proposal includes the project completion within 2027.

5. Sanborn Solar facility and battery storage, Mojave, California, [Cost: $1.15 billion]

Mortenson and renewable energy developer Terra-Gen broke ground on the Edwards & Sanborn Solar Facility and Battery Storage last year. The project is expected to finish by 2022. The project is constructed on a combination of private land and site leased from Edwards Air Force Base.

6. U.S./Mexico Border Wall, Texas [Cost: > $1 billion]

The illegal immigration from  Mexico to Texas ( The United States) have resulted in the decision of building a wall of huge steel bars along the border. Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott said that the Texas is planning to built its own border to secure and safeguard the sovereignty of the United States. 

7. Enbridge Line 5 - Great Lakes Tunnel, Michigan, [Cost: $500 million]

8. Hyperloop Projects, All Around The United States

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