Benefits of Insulated Glass (IG)Units for Buildings

Insulated glass (IG) units are glass panes made of two or more glass panes separated either by vacuum, air, or gas that enable to reduce heat transfer across it. IG units also called double glazing or double pane units are commonly used in building envelope components like windows, doors, and facades. When the glass panes cavity is filled with vacuum, it is called vacuum insulated glass (VIG).

Benefits of Insulated Glass (IG)Units for Buildings

 The important benefits of insulated glass units are explained in this article. 

Benefits of Insulated Glass Units (IGU)

1. Thermal Insulation to Buildings

IGUs help in thermal insulation by reducing heat gain and heat loss. This process is facilitated by the infill between the glass panes. If the number of glass panes is increased, more heat is secured from loss. 

2. Energy Efficient

Insulated glass in buildings makes the system energy efficient. The reduced heat transfer through IG units decreases the electrical power consumption that would be otherwise required to heat or cool the space. This hence decreases the electrical bills and load on heating or cooling equipment installed in the building. 

3. Eco-Friendly

IGU are eco-friendly building materials as they are a reason to decrease the carbon emissions from high cooling or heating units installed in the buildings. This is the reason why it is commonly used in commercial buildings.

4. Noise Reduction

The gas or vacuum between the glass panes absorbs and prevents the noise as it does with the heat. Hence it provides better noise as well as sound insulation to the buildings.

5. Greater Security and Privacy

Tinted IGUs provide privacy as well as better security. They are not easy to break compared to simple glasses.

6. Lower Energy Bills

Less energy consumption is achieved by using IGUs, this help to decrease the energy bills of the building.

7. Increase Property Value

Installing toughened IG units increase the property value, as these glasses are popular and fancier for the buildings. 

8.  Easy Maintenance

IGUs can be easily maintained and perfectly cleaned.

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