Low-Cost One-story Country House | Modern & Ecological Design

The details and design elements of a low-cost one-story country house design are explained in this article. This structural design is modern, and an ecological structure is built on 106 square meters that combine both wood and metal throughout the design.

Low-Cost One-story Country House | Modern & Ecological DesignLow-Cost One-story Country House | Modern & Ecological Design
Image and Design Courtesy: ArchiBlox – Avalon House

It has self-sustaining features such as a green roof, the use of cross ventilation, and minimal impact on the environment in construction. Discover below a modern structure applied to rural environments.

Plans of the Modern Country House of 106 Square Meters

3D Plan of Distribution of Environments | Image and Design Courtesy: ArchiBlox – Avalon House

The house has well-defined zoning. We can see to the right of the plan the social area that includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen with the furniture arranged in an "L" shape, in the center the bathroom, and finally, to the left, the two bedrooms; along the façade, the terrace has been designed.

One possibility of change could be the layout of the kitchen furniture, creating a kitchen with an island. In this way, this space could be more clearly separated from the living room. Next, let's see the plan in 2D:
Floor plan
1. Master bedroom, 2. Children's bedroom, 3. Bathroom with tub, 4. L-shaped kitchen, 5. Dining room (8 chairs), 6. Living room, 7. Terrace, 8. Storage cubicle.

The large windows in the social area allow for a well-lit environment, and thanks to the east-west orientation (depending on the hemisphere where the house is built), cross ventilation has been achieved that allows for naturally cool environments.

Design of Modern Facades Combine Wood with Corrugated Metal

View of the main facade

The country house has a modern facade where materials such as natural-tone wood and gray corrugated metal have been combined. It has a green roof that, in addition to contributing to the self-sustaining design, generates harmony with the natural environment. Such design is frequent in New City Paradise Tajarat Properties.

Back Facade of Modern Country House
Image and Design Courtesy: ArchiBlox – Avalon House

The rear facade is covered almost entirely with corrugated metal-Colorbond corrugated cladding. In beach houses, corrugated aluminum sheets could be used due to their longer life and low maintenance.

View of the Terrace and Sidewalk

Light and Bright Interior Design Concept

The interior environments are bright; bright colors have been used in the kitchen, such as those derived from orange or melon tones combined with neutral tones. If you like this combination of colors, you can review Pop art-style kitchens.

Kitchen design

The natural wood on the floors "softens" the colors applied to the kitchen furniture and also gives it a touch of warmth.

The bathroom has rustic elements combined with the modern furniture of the sink with the colors that we have seen applied in the kitchen.

Bathroom design

This article is a quick review of a sustainable and modern European-based house design for awareness of modern interior and exterior design options. For similar designs and more modern real-estate construction projects, have a look at Capital Smart City.