What is Colorbond Steel in Construction?

Colorbond steel is a product that is emerged and is owned by the Australian construction industry. Colorbond steel is made from a durable ZINCALUME code that is baked on corrosion inhibitor and sealed with a tough painted finish. This combination discovered created very lightweight, durable, and long-lasting aesthetic appealing products for roofing, cladding, and fencing.

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COLORBOND® steel was created to eliminate the high cost and extensive labor involved in ongoing painting and maintenance.

The product features and varieties that are provided by colorbond steel are described in this article.

How is Colorbond Steel Made?

In 1976, BHP introduced a new coating of alloy that contains 55 % aluminum, 43% zinc, and 1.6% silicon, which is called ZINCALUME. Usually, the coating of steel is done by galvanizing (dipping the steel in molten zinc). 

Colorbond steel is the steel coated by baking the ZINCALUME coating onto the metal sheet. This product's trade name is COLORBOND. 

Colorbond steel is hence a treated zinc substrate. The steel base is treated with anti-corrosion and weather-resistant paint which makes colorbond fence material the best fit for the outdoor environment of Australian conditions.

Advantages of Colorbond Steel 

  • Excellent choice of 20+ colors giving you at
  • Color choices integrate easily with other surrounding structures (such as fences and roofs)
  • Very low maintenance
  • Can be used as part of a compliant system in bushfire-prone areas, including flame zones where there is a high risk of ember attack and extreme levels of radiant heat
  • Offers good energy efficiency due to reflective properties of lighter colors
  • Highly weather resistant

Disadvantages of Colorbond Steel

  • Colorbond Steel scratches easily
  • It costs more

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