Plumbing Drawings in Building Construction

Plumbing drawing in building construction are set of drawings that shows the layout of systems of pipes and piping arrangement that serve the process of carrying fresh water into the building and disposing the waste water from the building safely. 

Features of Plumbing Drawings in Construction

All plumbing system  has their respective plans, riser diagram, installation details, legends, notes etc. In the drawing, marked are the pipe sizes. In a detailed drawing, the fixer units are also mentioned along with the pipe specifications.
In the case of shop drawings, the pipe  details in the crossing areas must be specified and drawn. The pipes for different purposes are displayed in different colors for easy understanding of the arrangement.

Types of Plumbing Drawings in Construction

The drawings that are included in plumbing drawings are:
  1. Water Supply System Drawings
  2. Irrigation System Drawings
  3. Storm-water System Drawings
  4. Drainage System Drawings
The set of all plumbing system mentioned above has their respective plans, riser diagram, installation details, legends, notes etc.

1. Water Supply System Drawings

The water supply system drawings includes:
  • Hot water piping
  • Cold Water Piping
  • Hot water return piping system
In the water supply system drawings, the respective pump capacity and the number of pumps employed must be specified in the drawing file.

2. Drainage System Drawings

The drainage system drawings includes:
  • Waste Piping
  • Soil Piping
  • Vent Piping
The drainage pipes are shown in figure with a slope. In drainage drawings, the manhole schedule must be shown. A manhole schedule consists of manhole name, invert level, the cover level, depth, which are clearly specified in the drawing.

3. Storm-Water System Drawings

Storm Water Collection along with Other water Systems. Image Credits: Deep Trekker

Storm water system is a system that is constructed in order to manage the water coming from rainfall and runoff.

4. Irrigation System Drawings

Irrigation system is a method of artificially supplying water to conduct irrigation through canals,dams etc.

Drip Irrigation
A plumbing layout for Drip Irrigation

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