What are the Functions of Mortar?

The main functions of mortar are:
  1. Mortar acts as adhesive, binding the bricks or stones together in the solid mass.
  2. To protect the joints of the structure.
  3. To protect the surfaces of brick and stone masonry.
  4. To create an even bedding layer in between the different courses of masonry works and distribute the loads evenly on the lower layers.
  5. To form a matrix to hold the pieces of the stone together and form the mass of concrete.
  6. To fill the joints between the bricks or stones for making then water tight and to mould.
  7. To improve the appearance of the structure.


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  1. Thankyou so much sir for this article... I am also a student of diploma civil engineering...
    This article helped me to understand the functions of mortar in a very easy way...
    Again, thanks a lot !!!

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